Your Perfect day Awaits

Your Perfect day Awaits


A lot of work goes into planning a wedding. The ceremony is only one facet of your wedding day but I believe it is one of the most important parts. You are choosing the words that will make you married. Depending on your wishes, I can suggest a multitude of ways to incorporate a variety of creative wedding ceremony ideas into your special day. Or maybe you want to go a more traditional route – many couples like to keep their choices simple but beautiful.

It may sound challenging to find the perfect words, but that’s what I’m here to do – help you navigate through the experience of creating your ultimate wedding ceremony. Your memories will be made more special and your guests will tell you how perfectly your ceremony encapsulated your relationship. I am abundant with ideas and open and excited to hear your thoughts for what an ideal wedding ceremony means to you. 

I’m known for my ability to make a wedding ceremony distinctly yours and unique to you. Many couples want their ceremony to be personalized so that it isn’t just a reflection of what they believe marriage to be – but also an opportunity to celebrate the reasons why they have chosen to be married to each other.


I will also guide you through the paperwork associated with getting married in Alberta - as well as if you are considering a name change once you are married. These tasks can sometimes feel like a daunting and confusing process.

Please go to the contact page so I can hear about your wedding plans in greater detail. If  it sounds like we are a good match, we can book a phone or Skype meeting. If an in-person meeting is requested, we will plan that closer to your wedding date after we've had a chance to connect via phone or Skype.